Ukraine is 50 millions country placed in Eastern Europe. TRIDENS RECORDS is the only label in Ukraine specialized in area of independent / gothic / electro music. We have proper and quickly growing distribution netrwork all over the cities of country and we manage to promote our bands through extensive media support in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries of ex-USSR.

We are label group: TRIDENS RECORDS, CHORNA PRAVDA RECORDS and ATLANTIC RECORDS. We are not limited to borders of independent music scene. The mainstream rock / metal / pop positions are released on our license as well through Atlantic Records, the major label which has for more than ten years the leading role in Ukraine in this area.

We treat each band and release the personal way: besides gradual releases of selected positions we do the long-term promotion of each band we work with. Our promo activites are extended to national radio networks with more than 70 ukrainian stations through FDR radiocenter, TV, printed media, DJ rotations on parties in biggest cities of Ukraine: Kiev, Odessa, Lviv etc.

We have a range of major projects on Eastern-European indie/gothioc scene: our festival, journal, radio programme and so on. Feel free to take a look at our other projects:

Ukrainian Gothic Portal (central promoter of indie/goth/electro in ex-USSR: events, news, reviews, reportages)
Festival "Deti Nochi: Chorna Rada" (biggest goth/electro event in ex-USSR: Ukraine, Russia, Belarus)
Printed magazine "Gothica" (one of the leading indie/dark journals in ex-USSR)

Online/community projects:

Gothic forums (extended system of forums devoted to gothic/electro scene in Ukraine and ex-USSR)
Gothic Journal (one of the biggest system of blogs and diaries for users from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus)
Gothic Photo Gallery (photo-blogs of lovers of gothic/electro)
Gothic Art Gallery (art-blogs)
Gothic Chat (chatting system)
Ukrainian Goths (the only existing database of dark romantics in Ukraine, since 1999!)
Black Pages (the only list of dark/industrial/electro bands of ex-USSR)
Top 100 Gothic Sites (top 100 of slavic gothic sites)
Gothic BannerExchange (dark/electro/indie banner exchange for sites from ex-USSR)
Gothic Polls & Surveys (annual and monthly polls analysing the interests, favourities & demands in Ukraine)

All the news and information you can read in our ukrainian-russian version. The english version is out of date and has preferably the introductory goal.

If you want us to present your name in Ukraine feel free to contact us.